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IMCA Japan - 2004 Report

2004 Japan National Championships

The IMCA Japan Nationals Titles were run over the weekend of 9th - 11th October during a month of Typhoons and Earthquakes. With only 2 days of racing (first day's racing was cancelled do to a typhoon) in 6 to 12 knots on the first day 3 to 5 knots on the second day, Funahashi was crowned Japanese Champion with Kato 2nd and Watanabe 3rd. (click on image to enlarge)

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Japan Spring Regatta
Kite Marine Yacht Club, Miura Beach
29-30 May 2004

Lake Yamanaka Regatta
13 June 2004

Gday Summer Holiday soon mate. How are you?

Blue Sky & Beautiful Sunny day 25c & dry, nice feel in this week I think we will have Rain season soon We had enjoyed sailing & Camping (nice green lake side campsite too) This was Open handicap Race (Sunday) on the small Lake ( Lake YAMANAKA) Bloody close to Mt Fuji, just under the shoulder
5 moth with Chisa (own boat,Yamaha Seahpper SR = small rig) Shigeko was busy for women's party in my flat Shiho want to sailing with her sailing club We are Naomi, Aoki, Tanaka, Watanabe, me & Chisa Sat was so beautiful day, sunny, warm, no cloud, Blue sky, nice Breeze (10 to 15 knots) & Flat water mate!

Little bit Snow left on the Top of Mt Fuji Sat We are Just enjoyed Sailing with Lake sailing club members Naomi & me!... Flying ! Flying ! Flying !
& Tanaka tried first time Flying Moth
I think everybody had Happy time on the Lake with Mt Fuji Lake sailing member had First time Saw to us (flying Moth)
Looks like What happen ! Unbelievable !

Camp with Lots of Stars & Yamy Yamy dinner too Night time was so cold about under 10c, nice feeling but weather forecast was tomorrow is cloud & rain

Sun (Race day)
Early morning, we got wake up start rain sound Cloud, Fog, Rain, Cold & No Wind !
Little bit wind come, after breakfast under the Tarp We had to without Foils for Race Light wind (about 4 to 8 Knots) & Fog, but Bloody Flat water !
Committee said Dont lost sailing club if you get in the Dark Fog coming Please fallow our committee Boat on the Flashing Light about 22 boats entry (usually was about 40 to 50) This time was not Big fleet, I think weather forecast was not too good for drive & sailing Flying Junior (YSN=88), Yamaha Seahopper (YSN=100), Moth (YSN=86) Moth is Big handicap for this regatta (easy for 90 to 92) I had been 2 times already First time was so nice windy & I got Won
2nd time was light wind & I got lost, FJ won

1st Race (10 30 start)
Short course & committee side advantage
We (Moth) couldn't go start line because we worry about broken my boat FJ was nice speed BUT !
I got nice speed too & 1st finish mate !
2nd FJ, 3rd Moth (Watanabe), 4th Moth(Naomi), 5th FJ Chisa was 12th Usually, Tanaka like this wind but he was no good job & racing with Chisa

2nd Race
Little bit up wind but same situation
Short course & committee side advantage
Out side move Trampoline, inside move Trampoline Its so Hard & Tired for old guy (me) I got nice speed but Tanaka pass to me, last Top & Bottom mark Other moth was not behind us We had enjoyed nice Tacking match & I got pass to his Boat in the Last crossing Everybody had thinking, may be Tanaka was Won but I got Won mate 1st to 4th all Moth
5 & 6th was FJ
Chisa got 10th
I think may be FJ (used carbon fiber) Won !

Result (Chang to YS Number Time )

  • I got Won ! 1st Masa (1-2) = 3 point (1st Race have advantage)
  • 2nd Young Boy (2-1) = 3 (Bloody small Yamaha boat L= 3.3m small sail YSN=113)
  • 3rd Chisa (4-3) = 7
  • 4th Yamaha SR (10-4) =13
  • 5th FJ (3-12) =15
  • 9th Moth (8-13) Watanabe
  • 10th Moth (20-5) Tanaka
  • 14th Moth (13-15) Naomi
  • 17th Moth (19-17) Aoki

If I had lost by Mr Tanaka, not get won

but What ! What ! What mate !

Chang to YS Number Time ! (2nd Race)

2nd Masa 2196.51 second (1889/86x100)
3rd Chisa 2197.00 second (2197/100x100)

Margin = 0.49 ! ! ! ! !

Chisa had Great Job mate !


We (family) have planning go to Sweden for this Summer Holiday on 22 July to 1 Aug