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IMCA Holland - 2004 Annual Report

Holland now has 6 members. (Burkhard Staabs, Peter de Wijk, Hubert Bakker, Richard Knol, Rene Knol, Feije Haadsma)

Things are going great over here. We teamed with the dutch skiff association (i am the secretary) and with that we can have 3 events a year. The best one is piocked out to also invite the germans. Because of the publicity we get from that and the publicity from the hydrofoils. we've had more people who are interested in the class in the past year than the 10 years before that.

IMCA NED comments for 2005 IMCA AGM:

RRS rule 52 discussion: We do not think this rule is applicable on the moving parts of hydrofoils and their trimming devices, whether they operate automatically or not. This rule may only be applied to steering and sailtrim, but even than they are a point of discussion, because a lot of sail trimming occurs automatically due to the bending of the mast for example.

8m true sail area: We are in favor of this rule, because it will ban out any discussions on whether certain sails/sail designs are allowed or not.

One equipment rule: Absolute nonsense. There still is no one who brings a dosen sails or rudders to a championship. If this time will come we can decide by than. At this moment in time it will only be used to make it more difficult for foilers. A side effect is that it will slow down the development of the class (also on other issues than foils), because you can't bring an experimental rudder configuration to a championship for example.

Changing of voting rights: We are against this (what would you expect with 6 members). We would suggest:

1-20 members: 1 vote
21-40 members: 2 votes, etc.

IMCA membership levies: The same applies to this point. For very small countries, i don't think 10 euro's will be a real problem. So why not keep it simple and in line with the voting rights.

1-10 members: 10 euro
11-20 members: 20 euro, etc.

Submissions for Future WC/EC: Hell, why not. We can have a great championship at lake IJsselmeer. Just not in the next 2 years, but after that i should be having a lot more time. So i am willing to take this on me. We can have a major dutch open championship next year or the year after to test drive the waters and the club. This together with the lift we are in at the moment could bring Holland back as an active moth country with sufficient sailors.

Click here to download IMCA NED's 2007 World Championship proposal.

Richard Knol and Hubert Baker
IMCA Holland

2004 Statistics

  • Registered members in 2004: 6