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Austria Moth Report - May 2004

The Hydrofoil developments are generating a lot of interest in the Moth class and so all that have contributed to this development get 10 out of 10 from me. When I saw pictures of the boats flying it was enough to motivate me to put down the nappies and try to get back in a Moth after 7 years of my boat collecting dust in my parents garage.

There has also been interest in Austria (in Europe with no kangaroos, The hills are alive with the sound of Julie Andrews, etc...) where I now live and where we have a new Moth Sailor with a boat (Micheal Gilhofer). We will have 2 Moth sailors here with boats if anyone knows how I can get my boat back from Adam May in the UK and delivered near here? In order to try to coordinate this interest locally and do the job Rohan Veal thrust upon me I have set up a basic Austrian Moth Website.

There is not much content on the site at the moment apart form a Picture gallery, but this is mean to be a base on which to build. If you have CopyRight Free pictures you could contribute to the gallery then please let me know.

So Austria is on the Moth Sailing Map, although it is not official and very basic at the moment.

By the way has there been a "who was first to fly a Moth on foils" debate because I think it was Andy Patterson nearly 10 years ago.

All the best,

Doug Culnane
GBR 4019 (I think)