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New Zealand Annual Moth Report - 2003

Sent out an email questionare to the 38 mothies that used to sail in New Zealand of that I have had these responcies to the following questions. Only had 5 replys

  1. Are you still an active moth sailor. 2 no and 3 yes
  2. Would you be prepared to rejoin the Moth association? 5 Yes
  3. Are you building a new moth. 4 no’s 2 yes

From the questionnaire we also managed to track down another boat which was built in 1995.

Active Moths sailing at the moment 3, But we have now managed to get another one interested who came the Auckland anniversary regatta, will see him on the water at the NZ nationals at French bay in March which will be the first event since 1996, We also hope to get a few people to come and try out the moths at the Nationals.

As for the NZ Moth Association i will try and get this formed at the nationals, NZ moth funds I have managed to track these down hopefully move to a bank account this week, One thing I have not been able to track down is the Moth registrations and Boat numbers, this will need to be resolved as the 4 new boats will need to be registered. For this we may need help from the world association with documents etc..

Over the past 6 months the 3 moths that have been sailing are going to different clubs to sail to raise the profile of the Int Moth, I manage to get an advert into the New Zealand Boaties book which is now out , this is a free publication to all the sailing clubs in the North island.

Mark Bridgewater

2003 Statistics...

  • Registered members in 2003 - 0
  • Number of boats built in 2002 - 0, but 2 boats arrived from over seas , mine from the UK and Shane Hollis from Australia.
  • How many new boats built over the last 5 years (approximately)? At the moment there a 4 boats being built 2 under the watchful eye of Wayne Cook and a hydrofoil version by Graham Roberts. And 1 by Carl Hollis
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