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IMCA Switzerland - 2002 Annual Report

Over the past few months, Patrick and I started a big advertising campaign for the Moth Class in Switzerland. We have a new website and address also: The IMCA Switzerland will show Patrick´s boat on the Bern boat show and therefore, we´ve spend a lot of money in stickers, flyers (in French and German) and posters.

Hopefully, we´ll have two or three new sailors this year. The Nationals will be held in mid June in the French Part of Switzerland - it is a huge event (three days) with lots of different classes. It is out of Question that the Moths will be seen and attract people!

We´ve had four races this year – it was Patrick who won the overall ranking (actually, he won every single race…) Michi finished 2nd and Freddy 3rd . We have 14 boats in the overall list but unfortunately only five to six sailors who participated in more than two races.

One last point – we´re looking for a good secretary! If any of you feels like doing the job... you´ll get free membership in the Swiss Association!

Moth on,

GER 1020

2002 Statistics...

  • Registered members in 2002 - 41
  • Active Moths sailing - 5 to 10
  • Number of boats built in 2002 - 0
  • Number of boats built in last 5 years - 10
  • Number of Moth that exist in country - 30
  • Number of boats expected to attend 2003 France Worlds - 5

Thoughts on wing floatation?

I don´t see a point in changing anything. Beginners will learn to sail more quickly and if there´s someone trying to cheat, either the IMCA-Executive or a measurer will have to decide what to do. For instance, a decision could be taken during an AGM/EGM.

Patrick Ruf (SUI) seen here in the bottom row, second from the left.