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New Zealand Moth Report - February 2003

Just to introduce myself to those who don't already know who I am. My name is Mark Bridgewater and I have recently immigrated to New Zealand and could not do it without bringing across my International Moth GBR4017, which is due to arrive in the first week of March 2003.

I have been trying to find out what has happened to the Moth fleet in NZ, those of you who receive this email are thanks to the efforts of Shane Hollis and Les Thorpe.

We will also be getting some web space soon to give a point of contact for every one. The URL will be and should up and running in the next few weeks.

I am also interested in trying to find the details of any other Moth sailors, plus the last people who were on the NZ Moth committee, as the whereabouts of the records for boat measurement certificates do not seem to be known.

I would be grateful if there are any other Moth sailors in New Zealing, could they please provide me with the information below, or pass this web page on to anyone else that you know has a moth.

Mark Bridgewater

New Zealand Moth Questionaire

Tel Number:-
Email Address:-
Int Moth Number:-
Type of int Moth:-
Weight if Known in Kgs:-
Member of Sailing Club:-
Last time sailed Moth:-

1) Would you be interested in a get together for a sail, if so - would it be
for a day or weekend.

2) Would people like a series to be arranged? or as has happen in the uk,
travel to other handicapped events and use these for a while to get the
class established.