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IMCA Holland - 2002 Annual Report

Although the class is very small in Holland, there are still active sailors among us. In 2002 it was impossible to hold our own events, but we sailed a lot of races in Germany and participated at the EC in France. For 2003 things are looking better. The moth class has joined a national skiff sailing association and together with them we will be able to organise races next year. The sailors in Germany have already proven to be keen on sailing in Holland because of the wind conditions here, so we are sure we will be able to get a respectable fleet at our event(s) in 2003.

Also we will race at the 2003 world championships at Les Sables in august. If the schedule allows it we hope to sail at the 24-hour regatta in Rotterdam, which is a unique event at which teams of sailors try to sail the most rounds in a 24-hours non-stop race.

Hubert Bakker
IMCA Holland

2002 Statistics

  • Registered members in 2002: <5
  • Active members in 2002: 2
  • Numbers of boats built in 2002: 1 (1999)
  • Number of boats built in last 5 years: 7
  • Number of Moth that exist in country: 5-10 of which 2 are raced.
  • Number of boats expected to attend 2003 France Worlds: 1-2