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IMCA Germany
February 2002

Rule 6.3.i says, that catamarans and multihulls are forbidden. This rule is most important, because it defines the class as a class of monohull dinghis. Rule 3.ii and iii were made to prevent the scows from degenerating to a catamaran, but as we proposed within the rule change submission to the AGM 2001 these antiquated rules should be deleted, because the measurer should decide, whether he sees a multihull or not.

Since the last decades we saw a lot of designs, which were very close to the rule limits, but which were tolerated and survived or died with the advance of the class. Examples: Scows with exact 75 mm hollow, anti-nose-diving foils in front of 2700 mm, spoilers/flares with exact 75 mm hollow, sealed tubes of 90 mm diameter and anti-capsizing bags in the trampolines ...

Now we have the question, whether a Moth on foils is permitted or not. The question on an upper level is, wheter it is a multihull or not. I feel, that it is not a multihull, because it has no static stability as a multihull has. Because of that static stability a Moth with anti-capsizing bags is more a multihull than a moth on foils. So foils should be permitted, but there should be an addition to the rules, that if foils are used, they should be used in all conditions during a race series!

We have a lot of subdivisions in the Moth class as: Seniors - Juniors - Ladies, Skiffs - Old Boats - Scows. Why shouldn't we have a subdivision "Foilers"?

The German class association has read this IMCA Germany interpretation and agrees to it.

Greetings from Germany