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IMCA Germany - 2002 Annual Report

In 2002 moth sailing rose again in members and race activities. We are now as strong as in the early 80s. We had nine inland regattas last year with an average participation of 12,4. Top events were the Nationals (21 helms) and Alfsee in Autumn (22 helms). At several events we are now strongest class on the water.

Main reason is good communication within the class that is not confined to the association body. The internet discussion forum is heavily frequented. Another reason: active members who keep the things going with big engagement. For example a strong fleet is growing in Berlin (on initiative of Blockman). They organize beautiful events up there with good sailing and good party; in general sailing clubs cannot provide more than basics nowadays.

Third reason: tough newcomers who are not afraid of making a fool of themselves entering a moth. Although the average age of a german mothie is about 35 we can now attracting younger people as well.

One major problem is the lack of competitive boats in the price range of about 2000 to 3000 Euro. DIY is rare; the components are expensive and
frame tubes or masts have to be imported from overseas.

Weere following the discussion about foils with interest although there is no use of it (low wind range).

Berthold Neutze
IMCA Germany

2002 Statistics

  • Registered members in 2002: 79
  • Active members in 2002: 37
  • Numbers of boats built in 2002: 1
  • Number of boats built in last 5 years: 7
  • Number of Moth that exist in country: more than 100
  • Number of boats expected to attend 2003 France Worlds: 3 to 5