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IMCA France - 2002 Annual Report

2002 can really be seen as the year Moths came back to France. After a long gap with no activity since the mid seventies, we are now up and running.

The Europeans was a tough test from all points of view. Very mixed conditions made for some great sailing. For us, it also made us aware of how brilliant the host countries for the last three Europeans have been. We still have a lot to learn about how to make a Moth championship run smoothly, but I want to pass on a message to all of you who are thinking about coming for the Worlds in August, the best thing you can possibly do is to come. Firstly because this is our 75th year, and we are all aware of how its us that makes the class go on growing - this is a fantastic opportunity to attract newcomers. Secondly, because the more people come, the more the club and the FFV take us seriously, and the more they will get involved in making it work really well. Thirdly, because we now have a real French fleet, with new designs and new sailors, and if you don't come, we're going to clean up !

IMCA France is now officially registered. Our boats will be measured and payed-up before the summer. New people are beginning to get in touch, since the skiff is becoming recognised here, and we're the only one-man boat. Now we have the beginnings of a web site, we will get our address on other sites, and I think we can go on growing quickly. You can find us at

On the building front, there are four new designs. Mine, and three boats designed and built by students from the naval architecture school in Nantes. We also have an offer from the composites school here in les Sables to make tooling and use the moulds as a training exercise for their students. We need to think carefully about the design for this, since the opportunity is there to reduce the cost of building new boats.

Lastly, may I also remind you about the Classic Moth class which is also growing very fast here. Please try to stick around for one week after the Worlds, and come with us to Nantes for the multi Moth regatta 6 and 7 September. I have just heard that Chris Eyre and Mervyn Cook are threatening to come and show us how it used to be done. This is a must.

And I havn't said a word about the food, the wine, or the women!

David Balkwill
IMCA France

2002 Statistics...

  • Registered members in 2002 - 0
  • Active Moths in 2002 - 5
  • Number of boats built in 2002 - 5
  • Number of boats built in last 5 years - 6
  • Number of boats exist in country - 9
  • Number of boats expected to attend 2003 France Worlds - 10