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Outgoing IMCA President's Report
October 2001

The International Moth is a high performance single handed dinghy with a long and prestigious history of development that is sailed by people with a passion for the unconventional. There is enough plastic and other rubbish in our waterways as it is, don't contribute to environmental degradation by sailing a Laser!

The intention of the site is to act as a portal to the various national association and related sites, we've had B2B websites, now witness the dawning of the M2M (Mothie 2 Mothie) website. The latest mothing news from around the globe shall be updated regularly, plus all of the world association details and contacts, you could also be fortunate enough to be imparted with gossip and rants from the movers and shakers of the International Moth Class.

I would like to thank everyone who has volunteered their time and effort in supporting the class over the years. All administrative positions throughout the world are filled by those dedicated to the class, the companionship and of course, the most unforgettable rides available in a 11ft long single-hander. Most importantly, we need to keep the class strong at a club level; get involved, invite juniors to sail your (hopefully indestructible) boat and get out there and expose our awesome dinghies to as many people as possible. If we keep the class strong at a club level, national and international success for the class should continue well into this century.

Moth on,

Oliver Laing
World Moth President