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2002 European Moth Championships

Les Sables d'Olonne, France
3-7 July, 2002

Race Reports


Welcome Letter

Dear friends,

It is a great honour to be able to give you the official NOTICE OF RACE for the 2002 European Championships which, as you know, carry the title "COUPE D'EUROPE".

This is to be the first major regatta for International Moths to be held in France for more than thirty years, so please bear with us if our organisational skills are slightly rusty, its got something to do with the salt water, and nothing to do with the beaujolais! There will be tight racing on the water, and the social program should keep you out of bed until the early hours.

In addition to the official trophy to be awarded to the new EUROPEAN CHAMPION, there will be an open trophy for the best helm regardless of their origins, a special prize for the winner of the calendar competition, some additional prizes for the most athletic and cool headed amongst you on the sports event evening, and no doubt some other embarassing moments to tell your grandchildren about.

We understand that the boys from down under are preparing a fashion display of the latest aerodynamic cut of the monofilm CJ's they've been trying to keep quiet about, but our spies are onto their every move. Of course I expect all nationalities to rise to this challenge for the ultimate Moth sailing fashion item, and I can assure you that the French team will be sporting the latest Parisian gear.

Our friends with their Classic Moths are planning to come and spend some time with us both on and off the water. Racing will be organised to avoid interference, since I hate to think of the consequences of 30 kilos of carbon meeting 100 kilos of timber and bronze. If you are very polite and generous with the beer you might even get to try sailing a Moth from 1943, or one of the famous Fragnières, but wait and see.

The Club is ready, the camera crew is lined up, the mermaids are warned, so please send this on to all Moth sailors, and let me have your inscriptions quickly so we can confirm bookings for accommodation, meals, etc. We are preparing an information kit with maps and other tourist information. We will send these to you individually on reception of your inscriptions.

As some great Moth sailor in the past was heard to say while waiting for the resin to set on the night before the first race - A MOTH, MY KINGDOM FOR A MOTH !

A très bientôt

David Balkwill
Tel +33 2 51 96 80 95

Notice of Race

Les Sables d'Olonne Information

We will be able to use the sports training school for accommodation (rooms for 40 people), or mobile homes, or hotels. Freddy can describe the set-up here in detail, but to set the scene this is a fishing and sailing port (home of the Vendée Globe round the world race), combined with a holiday resort on the west coast of France. The two mile long sandy bay looks south.

We sail from the west end of the bay where two jetties give shelter from the swell in most conditions. Sometimes like today when the swell comes in from the south it can be a bit exciting launching (ask Freddy), but most of the time its no problem.

We sail on the ocean so of course there are waves, but very little tidal influence because there is only the entrance to the port giving any twists to the current. Wonderful downwind rides. Some difficult days when the swell and the wind are not lined up (sailing to windward with the swell moving you sideways is quite fun). Some days with shorter chop to keep you awake going upwind or down.

Après sail is as bouncy as you like with all the bars, restaurants, discos and night clubs you would expect in a holiday place, but with the fishing port thrown in to keep it real. Population around 25,000 in winter and ten times that in summer!

The nearest airport is Nantes, (100 km north).

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