The "Commodore Challenge Trophy" - South Pacific Champion.

Awarded to the lowest point scoring competitor from Australia, South East Asia and New Zealand, when the World Championships are conducted in either Australia, South East Asia or New Zealand.

The Trophy was donated by W.D. and H.O. Wills New Zealand Limited for competition between Moth class yachts of the Pacific region. The Commodore Challenge Trophy or Pan-Pacific Trophy is awarded to the lowest pointscoring Moth from Japan, New Zealand or Australia when the World Championships are held at one of those venues.

The Trophy has a square wooden base with rectangular plaques on vertical sides. A carved wooden skiff moth hull sits atop a pedestal (can be screwed off). The moth has a solid silver sail with a hole depicting the moth symbol.

Year Skipper Country (State) Boat Name Hull Shape Venue
1968 B. Plumb Australia (WA) Ballerina Duflos France
1969 David McKay Australia (NSW) Imperium Imperium Scow Australia
1973 Ian Brown Australia Spectrum   Napier Sailing Club, New Zealand
1974? R. Baverstock Australia (NSW)   Scow ???
1975 Peter Moor Australia (NSW)   Snubby Australia
1978 Robert O'Sullivan Australia (WA)   Gidget Brisbane, Australia
1980 Ian Ward Australia (NSW)     New Zealand
1982? Greg Hilton Australia (WA) Bunyip Scow Australia
1986 Steve Shimeld Australia (NSW) Gladiator Stray (Skiff) Adelaide, Australia
1989 Andrew Landenberger Australia (NSW) Maybe   Auckland, New Zealand
1991 Emmett Lazich Australia (NSW) Strapped On Aussie Axeman MkI Japan
1995 Emmett Lazich Australia (NSW) Strato Cruiser Aussie Axeman MkII Lake Macquarie, Australia
2000 Chris Dey Australia (NSW) Hotblack Desiato Hungry Tiger Perth, Australia
2001 Mark Thorpe Australia (NSW) Hungry Tiger Hungry Tiger Choshi, Japan
2005 Rohan Veal Australia (Vic) Outlaw Prowler MkII Black Rock, Melbourne, Australia

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